Zack Snyder Expresses Passion for FORTNITE and Dreams of Directing a Film Adaptation


Zack Snyder, known for his epic directorial endeavors, has expressed a keen interest in bringing the wildly popular Fortnite video game to the silver screen. In a recent interview with Etalk, Snyder revealed his fascination with Fortnite, disclosing his desire to craft Fortnite-themed skins for his movie “Rebel Moon.” The director acknowledged the game’s captivating world, describing it as a unique and intriguing distraction.

Snyder’s enthusiasm didn’t stop at mere cosmetic involvement; he pondered the possibility of directing a feature film adaptation of Fortnite. Embracing an air of uncertainty, he stated, “You definitely don’t know. You definitely can never say never, that’s my mantra in this business.” Snyder shared insights into his Fortnite journey, recounting how he initially played the game with his son, only to find himself immersed in its captivating universe, assuming the persona of Meeseeks from Rick and Morty.

While Snyder’s current focus revolves around expanding his Rebel Moon sci-fi franchise, he acknowledged the inevitability of a Fortnite movie, leaving fans to speculate on when such a cinematic spectacle might materialize. Interestingly, Snyder isn’t alone in his aspirations, as fellow filmmaker Louis Leterrier, known for works like Fast X and The Incredible Hulk, also expressed a desire to helm a Fortnite movie. Leterrier emphasized the game’s incredible characters and the untapped storytelling potential that could be explored on the big screen.

Donald Mustard, Chief Creative Officer of Epic Games, fueled the anticipation earlier in the year by hinting at the possibility of a live-action Fortnite movie. With such industry heavyweights expressing their interest, the prospect of a Fortnite cinematic adaptation seems increasingly likely, leaving fans to ponder whether Snyder’s visionary touch would be the perfect fit for this digital gaming phenomenon. Are you on board with the idea of Snyder directing a Fortnite movie?


Originally posted 2023-12-21 17:44:05.