GTA 6 Will Come Sooner Than You Thought — Preorders Launch Soon


The elusive release date of GTA 6 continues to elude us, but whispers of a potential pre-order opportunity have started circulating. Screenshots surfacing on Rockstar Universe, a dedicated hub for all things Rockstar games, suggest that the chance to pre-order the next installment in the GTA series might emerge on December 12.

Now, the credibility of this information does come with a touch of skepticism. The leak is rooted in alleged direct-message conversations with Argos support staff, a U.K.-based retailer. The uncertainty lingers on whether Argos holds the authentic pre-order details for GTA 6. As the pre-order date alone doesn’t divulge when gamers will finally clutch the game in their eager hands, anticipation remains high.

For those raising an eyebrow at the legitimacy of this leak, there’s a compelling reason to entertain the possibility. Rockstar, the maestro behind the GTA franchise, has given a nod to a GTA 6 reveal trailer dropping sometime in December. History tells us that such unveilings often coincide with the commencement of pre-order availability. It’s speculative, sure, but not entirely unfounded. While Rockstar has a penchant for defying expectations in the gaming realm, the next few weeks might just unfold in a more predictable manner.

Hold on to your virtual steering wheels, gaming enthusiasts. The inevitability of GTA 6 is hanging in the air—it’s just a matter of patiently waiting for the pieces to fall into place.

Originally posted 2023-11-29 20:09:06.