Super Mario RPG Remake Cheats

Seeking Super Mario RPG Remake cheats for the Nintendo Switch? Delve into our treasure trove of cheat codes and unlockables, where we’ll unravel the secrets of this revamped RPG collaboration between Nintendo and Square Enix.

Embark on a journey as we unveil the key to unlocking all the Super Mario RPG Remake codes. Our cheats list is tailored for the exclusive Switch title, providing you with essential tips to navigate the game’s twists and turns. It’s a boon, considering that most of the classic SNES cheats are no longer effective in this remastered version. So, let the gaming adventure unfold with our cheat codes in hand!

Super Mario RPG Remake How To Level Up Faster

How To Level Up Faster: Buy the “EXP Booster” Accessory from the frog who mans a Frog Coin Emporium — at the top floor of the top-area house with the waterpump outside of it — in Seaside Town for 22 green Frog Coins.

Don’t forget to equip it to any character in your party.

Super Mario RPG Remake How To Find Hidden Treasures Easily

How To Find Hidden Treasures Easily: The “Signal Ring” Accessory is a valuable item you can obtain early on in Super Mario RPG that helps you finding hidden questionmark blocks AKA hidden treasure chests.

Go to the Mushroom Kingdom’s Item Shop, follow the instructions of the old female Toadette in the basement, and receive the Signal Ring early. Make sure to equip it to any character in your party. It allows you to detect hidden blocks with sound effects and on-screen text indicators.


Super Mario RPG Remake How To Do High Damage Attacks Early On

How To Do High Damage Attacks Early On: Mario’s special attack, “Jump”, has an interesting property where using it twice in battle will increase the attack power (magic attack) by 1. Using it 255 times throughout the course of the game in battles (best used on Spiney’s, which deals no damage to them), will allow you to get the maximum damage amount of 152, which combined with Mario’s own special attack stat, will wipe out all early game enemies and some bosses in one hit.

If you have the time to spare, this is definitely something you can do to make fights easier on yourself (plus only having to use 3 FP on something so powerful so early on will help out a lot in the long run for saving on FP).

Super Mario RPG Remake How To Unlock New Game Plus Content

How To Unlock New Game Plus Content: Complete the game once to unlock the post-game content that includes new boss battles including a surprise final boss battle.

  • 00:00 — Post-Game
  • 01:46 — Geno event
  • 03:14 — New wish appear
  • 05:09 — Scratchy-Throat Belome Location
  • 07:35 — Leveled-Up Punchinello Location
  • 10:28 — Engine 023 Booster Location
  • 12:09 — Exhausted Torte and Extra-Fancy Bundt Location
  • 13:39 — Mario-Style Jinx Location
  • 14:55 — Duel-Ready Johnny
  • 16:26 — Culex 3D (He gets unlocked after defeating all bosses above; Location: Go to the black sealed door in Monstro Town.)

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