Can Mud Really Hide You From The Predator?

I bet you remember that iconic moment from the 1987 classic Predator when Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s character, Dutch, slathered himself in mud to outsmart the lethal Predator with its thermal vision. It made for an unforgettable scene, but have you ever wondered if this mud trick could truly work in real life?

Well, the creative minds over at Corridor took it upon themselves to put this idea to the test. Their mission: to demonstrate that hiding from a Predator’s thermal vision using mud is not just a cinematic fantasy. The burning question on everyone’s mind: How much mud is actually needed to pull off this stealthy survival move?

In their entertaining video, Corridor not only takes on the challenge but convincingly proves that Dutch’s muddy escape tactic is more than just Hollywood magic—it’s a plausible strategy. So, how much mud does it take to make you invisible to the Predator’s thermal gaze? You’ll have to watch their fun-filled experiment to find out! Enjoy the show!

Originally posted 2023-11-20 07:08:23.