Everything We Know About Grand Theft Auto 6


More than ten years have passed since the launch of Grand Theft Auto V, and the highly anticipated sequel, GTA VI, still lacks an official release date. However, Rockstar Games has been teasing us with tantalizing details through both official announcements and a substantial leak from September 2022, revealing insights into the game’s setting, characters, and more.

Despite Rockstar’s initial announcement on February 4, 2022, confirming the development of a new Grand Theft Auto entry, subsequent leaks have given fans a deeper glimpse into what lies ahead. The leak, though extensive, has left room for Rockstar to surprise us with official reveals.

As for trailers and official screenshots, the internet is abuzz with leaked images sourced from the gameplay snippets uncovered in the September 2022 leak. The absence of an official trailer hasn’t dampened the excitement, as Rockstar Games and Bloomberg have hinted at a first look dropping in early December, just in time for the studio’s 25th anniversary. The anticipation is real, but the specifics, such as supported platforms and the official title, still remain shrouded in mystery.

While the leak has been a treasure trove of information, Rockstar Games has managed to maintain an air of mystery around GTA VI. The upcoming trailer, slated for an early December release, might finally pull back the curtain on many unanswered questions. As we inch closer to the reveal, speculation about the game’s release window is rife. With Take-Two, the game’s publisher, hinting at a potential 2024 release, fans are bracing themselves for what could be an exhilarating next chapter in the Grand Theft Auto saga. The countdown to December is on, and it promises to be an exciting ride into the world of crime and chaos.


In a previous statement made in May, Take-Two projected a whopping $8 billion earnings for 2024. Despite GTA Online’s continued success, the company’s last fiscal year only raked in $5 billion. The anticipation for additional bookings is palpable, and a new installment in the Grand Theft Auto series could be the key. Take-Two seems to be banking on it, at least to some extent.

Additional tidbits emerged during Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision, as revealed in a document responding to the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority. On page 24, Microsoft dropped the bomb that “Grand Theft Auto VI is expected to be released in 2024,” citing TechRadar as the source. While this could be seen as somewhat official, it’s always wise to maintain a healthy dose of skepticism.

As for leaks and speculative details, last year provided us with a tantalizing glimpse into the potential world of GTA VI. Unfortunately, I won’t be dishing out actual footage here, as Rockstar isn’t too keen on that kind of premature exposure. But hey, the internet is a vast place—you could always turn to Google, DuckDuckGo, or the less popular cousin, Bing.

Now, let’s talk setting. If you have a hankering for a fictionalized version of Florida, you’re in luck. The next GTA installment is rumored to unfold in Rockstar’s take on Miami: Vice City. The leaked screenshots not only showcased scenery with a distinct Florida vibe but, in a stroke of serendipity, one image even revealed the city’s name on a passing train car. Seems like we’re in for a wild, sun-soaked ride in the digital Miami Vice City, with whispers of a potentially expansive map to explore.

And for those with a nostalgic streak, GTA most recently revisited Vice City with the PSP title Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, a nod to the ’80s-themed Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Ah, memories of Ray Liotta as Tommy Vercetti—we’ll see if the digital streets of Vice City still hold that old magic.

Exploring the evolution of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) maps is like embarking on a journey through gaming history. The transition from the old-school Vice City layout, constrained by the limitations of the PlayStation 2 and PSP, to the expansive universe introduced in Grand Theft Auto IV marked a significant shift. The latter adopted a different narrative universe, retaining familiar location names while weaving new tales with distinct characters and historical events.

Despite the divergence, Rockstar, in its signature style, has paid homage to iconic locations. The release of GTA V showcased this trend, featuring nods to San Andreas in the “HD” universe. Speculations abound about the return of familiar spots in the revamped Vice City, with enthusiasts pinpointing potential locations like Malibu Club, South Beach, and Redhill Forest based on leaked footage.

The anticipation for GTA VI builds, fueled by leaks and reports from sources like Bloomberg. While the main characters remain shrouded in mystery, indications suggest a crime duo taking center stage—a white male and a Latina woman. Drawing inspiration from real-life Great-Depression-era outlaws Bonnie and Clyde, players might navigate the game by seamlessly swapping between them using the d-pad, a feature reminiscent of GTA V.

Breaking away from tradition, GTA VI introduces a playable woman, challenging the norms and adding a feminist twist to the narrative. Yet, as with any groundbreaking move, reactions on the internet mirror the expected mix of excitement and controversy.

Leaked details spill over into the gameplay realm, offering a glimpse into what players can expect. Two playable protagonists set against the backdrop of Vice City promise a familiar yet evolved gaming experience. In a nod to continuity, the leaks hint at gameplay akin to its predecessors, peppered with intriguing random events. Events with names like “DUI Test,” “Scarface Crime Scene,” “UFO Animal House,” “Voice in a storm drain,” “warehouse sex robots,” and, of course, “fishing” pique curiosity, leaving room for speculation on their unfolding in the game.

The leaked information also unveils a mix of GTA staples and fresh additions. From nightlife escapades in strip clubs to underwater adventures through scuba diving, players can immerse themselves in diverse activities. Driveable airboats open up new avenues for exploration, while encounters with animals like dogs, alligators, and raccoons add an extra layer of realism.

Noteworthy enhancements extend to interactions with law enforcement. Dynamic prompts suggest a heightened need for strategic evasion, factoring in the choice of getaway vehicles. The leaks also hint at a departure from the conventional infinite pocket-of-holding for firearms. Characters now carry weapons more naturally, slung across their bodies, and there’s a tantalizing possibility of dropping weapons, mirroring the swift weapon discarding mechanics seen in games like Halo Infinite.

The leaked footage surprises with a novel addition to GTA’s gameplay—characters dropping prone. A feature borrowed from The Last of Us: Part II, this promises more dynamic and unexpected actions, increased maneuverability, and intense shootouts, possibly influencing accuracy in line with standard video game logic.


As the leaks continue to trickle in, the anticipation for GTA VI reaches new heights, promising a blend of familiarity and innovation that has become synonymous with the Grand Theft Auto series.

There’s been quite a buzz about the future of GTA VI, hasn’t there? The grapevine is abuzz with rumors and speculations, especially regarding potential DLC. One interesting tidbit comes from a notable leaker, Tez2, who suggests that Rockstar might opt for a different approach this time. Instead of the traditional one-off DLC releases seen with games like GTA IV or RDR, there’s speculation that Rockstar could go for episodic single-player story content. The idea is to release these episodes gradually over the game’s lifecycle, potentially mitigating the infamous worker crunch that Rockstar Games has been addressing.

It’s a strategic move, according to Tez2, and it aligns with Rockstar’s goal of keeping players engaged with GTA VI for the long haul. Of course, until Rockstar themselves spill the beans, it’s all just whispers in the wind. The studio’s been tight-lipped about it, leaving fans to indulge in the delightful realm of speculation. What’s your take on these potential developments?

Originally posted 2023-11-18 10:02:37.