Baldur’s Gate 3’s Most Evil Ending

Baldur's Gate 3

In Baldur’s Gate 3, the intricacies of morality weave a complex tapestry, defying simple categorizations of good and evil. Yet, if one were to sketch a line through the gray, handing the reins of power to the Lord of Murder over tens of thousands of thralls would likely stand as the epitome of Faerûn’s descent into darkness. It’s a scenario that paints a grim portrait, one that’s hard to surpass in terms of malevolence.

This particular denouement is an exclusive privilege for those who embark on the journey with The Dark Urge origin. To unlock this dire fate, players must succumb to the insidious calls within and pledge allegiance to their malevolent “father,” subsequently seizing control of the Netherbrain in his unholy name. Such a choice seals the world’s destiny under Bhaal’s dominion, an unexpected triumph for the Lord of Murder, who, while not orchestrating this particular outcome, emerges as the sole victor among the Dead Three. It may not align with his initial plans, but having the entire world bow to your newly chosen ruler isn’t exactly a defeat.

For the uninitiated, The Dark Urge is, in fact, a Bhaalspawn, and it is from this lineage that the dark inclinations manifest.

Despite the nuanced nature of morality in Baldur’s Gate 3, a consensus seems to emerge among players, deeming this path as undeniably malevolent. Interestingly, it’s not even in The Dark Urge’s best interest, as evidenced by its status as the least chosen ending in the current game landscape. According to achievement statistics, a mere fraction of players opt to seize control of the Netherbrain for their malevolent progenitor, with a significant majority either claiming it for themselves or taking the heroic route of destroying it once and for all.

The achievement titled “Sins of the Father” is the mark of those who orchestrate this dark narrative, yet only a scant 3.02 percent of PC players have ventured down this path. On the PS5, an even rarer 1.0 percent bear the trophy of the same name, making it a true rarity among the accolades one can achieve for completing a specific ending.

The reluctance to embrace this sinister conclusion is not unwarranted. Even for those who roleplay as malevolent characters, the ending subtly positions Bhaal as the puppet master, a force above even the most malevolent protagonists. Devotees of Bhaal, no matter how loyal, seldom emerge victorious. Thus, players who revel in the exercise of power over others may find it more appealing to relinquish the divine ties and claim the Netherbrain in their name. It necessitates a character deeply rooted in malevolence but not necessarily inclined to ascend to the throne, leaving that dubious honor for Bhaal to claim.

In parallel, the “Embrace Your Urge” achievement, signaling a commitment to the Dark Urge, remains a rare accomplishment at 5.82 percent. Conversely, 6.88 percent of players opt to seize the brain for themselves. It appears that, deep down, the majority of us lean toward a virtuous inclination, even when immersed in the guise of role-playing someone entirely different.

Originally posted 2023-11-30 08:50:26.