Disney Confirms FROZEN 4 Is in Development

Disney's Frozen

In a surprising twist, Disney CEO Bob Iger has officially confirmed the development of not just Frozen 3, but also the upcoming Frozen 4. The revelation took place at the opening ceremony of the ‘World of Frozen’ attraction in Hong Kong Disneyland. During an appearance on Good Morning America, Iger shared the exciting news, stating, “Well, I’ll give you a little surprise there Michael. Frozen 3 is in the works and there might be a Frozen 4 in the works, too. But, I don’t have much to say about those films right now.”

The creative force behind the Frozen series, Jenn Lee, is diligently working with her team at Disney Animation on not one, but two captivating stories set to unfold in the Frozen universe. This announcement was met with additional enthusiasm as the renowned songwriters of the franchise, Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, are set to return and craft new musical gems for both sequels.

Kristen Anderson-Lopez took to social media to confirm her involvement, stating, “Well, I’ve been quiet here for a while. But yeah, this.” The return of these talented musicians ensures that the heart and soul of the Frozen franchise will be echoed in the upcoming films.

Following the ceremony, Iger expressed the significance of creating immersive worlds within Disney Parks, with Frozen being one of the most cherished franchises. He emphasized the value of bringing the magical world of Frozen to life through physical embodiments in the parks. According to Iger, this not only includes enchanting attractions but also delightful restaurants, providing visitors with an authentic and powerful experience that mirrors the beloved Frozen narrative.

The Disney CEO highlighted the unique opportunity for visitors to interact with iconic characters like Olaf, Anna, and Elsa, creating a profound sense of connection with the film’s story. The goal is to transport visitors into the very place where the magic of Frozen unfolds, allowing them to engage with the enchanting world on a deeper level.

As a fan of the Frozen films, I’ve appreciated the series for its compelling storytelling and beloved characters. With the promise of two more sequels, I hope the creative team continues to weave captivating narratives and bring the magic of Frozen to new heights. The expansion of the franchise into Frozen 4 opens up exciting possibilities for the future of this beloved animated saga.


Originally posted 2023-11-17 07:06:21.