Unveiling the Spine-Chilling Trailer of BAGHEAD

Prepare yourself for a spine-chilling journey into the supernatural as Freya Allan, known for her role in The Witcher, takes the lead in the upcoming horror film, “Baghead.” The narrative unfolds around a shape-shifting entity with a macabre ability—it can assume the form of the deceased. Allan’s character becomes entangled in a nightmarish web as she draws the creature out, promising an eerily unique and gripping tale.

In this cinematic thriller, Iris (played by Freya Allan) discovers a chilling inheritance following the demise of her estranged father—an ancient, dilapidated pub with a haunting secret. Her quest takes her to Berlin to identify her father’s body, where she encounters The Solicitor (portrayed by Ned Dennehy) to delve into the mysterious estate. Unbeknownst to her, signing the deed seals her fate, binding her to an unspeakable entity dwelling in the pub’s ominous basement—Baghead, a shape-shifter with the ability to emulate the departed.

Baghead, a grotesque entity, offers solace to grieving loved ones for a mere two minutes of eerie communion in exchange for a stack of cash. Iris, tempted by the prospect, follows in her father’s footsteps, seeking to exploit the creature’s powers to aid desperate souls, starting with Neil (played by Jeremy Irvine), a man mourning the loss of his wife. However, Iris soon discovers that breaking the two-minute rule carries spine-tingling consequences that unravel a terrifying reality.

Teaming up with her steadfast friend Katie (portrayed by Ruby Barker), Iris finds herself in a battle for control against Baghead. The duo must unravel the mystery of the creature’s origins and devise a plan to obliterate it before they succumb to its malevolent forces.

Directed by Alberto Corredor, the mind behind the original short film, and featuring an ensemble cast including Ruby Barker, Ned Dennehy, Peter Mullan, Jeremy Irvine, Saffron Burrows, and Svenja Jung, “Baghead” promises a gripping exploration of horror and the supernatural. Executive produced by Roy Lee, known for his work on iconic films like It, The Ring, and Godzilla, with a screenplay crafted by Christina Pamies and Bryce McGuire, this supernatural thriller is set to captivate audiences worldwide.

Studiocanal has slated the international theatrical release for January 2024, building anticipation for a cinematic experience that promises to redefine the horror genre. The exact date is yet to be announced, adding an extra layer of suspense to this chilling tale. Get ready for a cinematic journey into the depths of fear with “Baghead.”

Originally posted 2023-12-08 14:34:27.