Terrifying Featurette For NIGHT SWIM


Universal Pictures has unveiled a tantalizing behind-the-scenes featurette for Atomic Monster and Blumhouse’s latest spine-chilling supernatural horror thriller, Night Swim. This gripping peek into the making of the film provides a riveting exploration of the eerie tale it aims to weave. Through exclusive interviews with the cast and crew, viewers are granted a sneak peek into the depths of the creepy narrative that promises to leave audiences reconsidering their next plunge into a seemingly innocent swimming pool. The overarching mission of Night Swim? To taint the very idea of a refreshing dip for all who dare to watch.

Venturing further into the abyss of the narrative, Night Swim follows a family thrust into a harrowing encounter with a nightmarish supernatural presence lurking within the confines of their seemingly idyllic backyard swimming pool in their new home.

Intriguingly, the plot unfolds with a twist of hope as Ray, portrayed by Wyatt Russell (known for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier), harbors a secret desire to reclaim his former glory in professional baseball. Convinced that the shimmering backyard pool is not only a source of joy for the kids but also a therapeutic haven for his physical ailments, Ray, with the support of his concerned wife Eve (played by Kerry Condon of The Banshees of Inisherin fame), plunges headlong into the seemingly serene waters. Little do they know that the dark specter of the home’s unsettling past is poised to unleash a malevolent force, dragging the unsuspecting family into the unfathomable depths of inescapable terror.

The genesis of Night Swim can be traced back to the critically acclaimed 2014 short film by Rod Blackhurst and Bryce McGuire. The film boasts a stellar cast, with Wyatt Russell leading the pack as Ray Waller, alongside Kerry Condon as Eve, Amélie Hoeferle as teenage daughter Izzy, and Gavin Warren as young son Elliot.

The creative force behind Night Swim is none other than Bryce McGuire, who serves as both writer and director, bringing to life a tale that promises to grip audiences with its spine-chilling narrative. The film is masterfully produced by horror maestro James Wan, renowned for his contributions to the Saw, Insidious, and The Conjuring franchises, along with the visionary Jason Blum, the mind behind Halloween films, The Black Phone, and The Invisible Man.

Prepare to plunge into the abyss of terror as Night Swim is set to hit theaters on January 5th, 2024. Brace yourselves for a cinematic experience that will redefine the very notion of a leisurely swim.