The Largest Ghost Town In The World

The Largest Ghost Town In The World

Dimitri Bourriau, the artistic mind behind the alias ‘Jahz Design,’ hails from the rich artistic tapestry of France. Armed with a degree in graphic design, his creative journey has taken him beyond the realms of pixels and prints, delving into the captivating realms of history and architecture.

His passion found a unique canvas in Famagusta-Varosha, frozen in time since the haunting echoes of intense bombings reverberated through its streets in 1974. A once vibrant city sank into an eerie silence, becoming an enduring symbol of Cyprus’s division. Forbidden to the world, it stood as a poignant testament to the ravages of conflict.

In a twist of fate, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan granted authorization for a fraction of this ghost town to reopen its doors to the public in 2020. This historic decision allowed a glimpse into the heart of a city suspended in time, under the watchful gaze of the Turkish army.

Dimitri seized this rare opportunity, donning his lens to capture the essence of the largest ghost town on Earth. His photographs not only freeze moments in time but also serve as a visual narrative, telling the silent story of a city caught between the echoes of its past and the tentative steps towards an uncertain future.

Originally posted 2023-11-22 12:02:49.