Leave the World Behind Ending Explained: What Happens at the End?

Leave the World Behind

Sam Esmail’s Leave the World Behind ended abruptly and confusingly for some and many people are scratching their heads trying to understand the ending. Here is Leave the World Behind’s ending explained.

What happens at the end of Leave the World Behind?

At the end of Leave the World Behind, New York City gets bombed and an Emergency Alert System interceptor reveals that a war is happening between the United States government and armed forces who want to overthrow it. Amanda and Ruth witness the bombing and Rose then finds Thorne’s bunker in the neighborhood for the Scott and Sanford families to take shelter. She enters the bunker to find a DVD of Friends, and then inserts it into the player and watches the last episode.

Why did Flamingos and other animals arrive in New York City?

It is unknown why Flamingos and the other animals showed up in New York City. However, this could be chalked up to disasters in Florida and the Gulf of Mexico forcing them to migrate to New York City.

In the film, the Flamingos somehow arrive in New York City from the south, though it is unknown how or why it happened. However, some possible explanations could be catastrophes and disasters like the oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico affecting their migratory pattern and bringing the flamingos alongside other animals to New York City.

How did Danny know the attack was going to happen?

It is unknown how Danny exactly knew about the attack as he doesn’t seem to outright reveal having had intel about it. Moreover, Danny’s friends in high positions had resources that he did not have.

However, Danny claimed that the evidence in the newspapers had made him realize something was going to go down and he prepped himself and his family in advance by stocking up on the resources he needed. It is possible that Danny had advanced intel or he was simply being paranoid, with the paranoia fueling his preparation for the worst.

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