‘Home Alone 3 Trailer’ Set in 2024 Sees Wet Bandits Released From Prison

Home Alone 3

As the snow falls gently on the quaint suburban neighborhood, Kevin McAllister finds himself facing a new kind of holiday challenge. Gone are the days of booby-trapping his home to thwart burglars; now, the stakes are higher, and Kevin must confront a haunting chapter from his past.

His once-mischievous spirit has matured with time, but the arrival of a sinister Christmas card reignites a dormant fear. The Wet Bandits, once vanquished by a resourceful child, have returned from their prison hiatus. Their menacing message, accompanied by a snapshot of the notorious duo, sends shivers down Kevin’s spine with the chilling declaration: “We’re back, little buddy.”

Kevin’s gaze is drawn upward, and there, parked conspicuously on the frosty street, is the battered Dodge Ram van—the same ominous vehicle that once symbolized impending danger during his childhood exploits. Boldly emblazoned with the words ‘Oh-Kay Plumbing and Heating,’ the van serves as a disconcerting reminder of the past.

In the teaser trailer for “Home Alone: Kevin’s Revenge,” a deep voiceover echoes the sentiments of a holiday thriller. “This holiday season, it’s time to rediscover a classic. Kevin McAllister is back, but this time, his family is entangled in a web of Christmas weirdness.”

The scenes unfold as Kevin, portrayed by a more seasoned actor, engages in a heart-wrenching conversation with his on-screen mother, Kate, skillfully played by Catherine O’Hara. “That day you left, I had to defend our house. I was just a kid, and you left me home alone,” Kevin confides, the pain of abandonment evident in his eyes.

While these scenes are a product of clever editing by @VJ4rawr2, the anticipation builds for a gripping sequel that promises not only the nostalgia of a beloved classic but also a darker, more complex narrative. As the snow blankets the familiar landscape, Kevin McAllister faces a Christmas challenge that transcends mere burglars—a challenge that will test the bonds of family and redefine the meaning of home for the holidays.

The parody trailer then shows Harry and Marv being released from jail, which is where the video gets a little bit dodgy looking – but to be fair, the creator said there wasn’t a lot of footage of Joe Pesci for him to make use of.

Harry tells his sidekick: “Every day I sat in that prison cell, I thought about the kid. He’s going to pay.”

But Kevin has got his own cool line to hit back with – “This time it’s not just me home alone. I need to defend this house for my family.”

The spoof tells Home Alone fans to ‘get ready for Kevin’s final showdown’ as he faces off with the Wet Bandits for one last time – which ends up making it on the news.

A news anchor tells viewers that a ‘Chicago man has booby trapped his house with guns, explosives and possibly tarantulas’ and that a SWAT team is currently en route.

Obviously loads of police radios are pinging – and one of these coppers is none other than Kevin’s brutish older brother, Buzz (Devin Ratray).

He gets the message that ‘two elderly gentlemen being shot at, lit on fire and struck with blunt objects’, while his superior warns that ‘this is an extremely violent crime with a high chance of fatality’.

Buzz couldn’t care less, as he’s heard a similar story before – and instead scoffs: “Nice try Kevin, nice try.”

Home Alone fans ate the trailer up, even though it was a parody, and said the storyline could give Hollywood writers some inspiration for a much-wanted third part to the franchise with the original cast.

One said: “They definitely should make this movie, it would be great and probably break the box office.”

While another wrote: “Great job putting this together, and yes, I agree this should be made!”

And a third added: “Everything about it looks awesome. My kids about lost it they were so excited until they realised it wasn’t real.”

Originally posted 2023-12-19 15:32:44.