Get LEGO Avengers Tower This Black Friday

LEGO Avengers Tower

Attention, superheroes and LEGO enthusiasts! Gather your forces and embark on the epic journey of assembling the LEGO Avengers Tower, Marvel and LEGO have joined forces to bring you this spectacular official set, boasting a whopping 5,201 pieces. Brace yourselves for a building adventure like no other!

Once you conquer the assembly challenge, behold the marvel that stands before you—Avengers Tower, standing tall at an impressive 35.5 inches (90cm). It’s not just a set; it’s a conversation starter, a showpiece that demands attention and admiration.

But the excitement doesn’t end there! With a total of 31 minifigures included, you can instantly populate your LEGO Avengers Tower and recreate iconic moments from Marvel’s Avengers, Avengers: Endgame, and more. Bring your favorite superhero scenes to life or let your imagination run wild and craft your own epic narratives.

Now, mark your calendars because this extraordinary set goes on sale on November 24 at 12 AM EST. Initially priced at $599.99 (as stated in the release, but keep an eye out as the website might surprise you with $499.99 at the time of writing). And that’s not all—every purchase comes with a delightful bonus: a free LEGO Marvel Taxi, available while supplies last.

If you’re hungry for more LEGO adventures, don’t forget to explore the last chance LEGO sets (affiliate link) before they retire. Marvel, Disney, Mario, Star Wars, and a myriad of miscellaneous sets await, promising endless hours of creative enjoyment. So, gear up, assemble your LEGO Avengers Tower, and let the building fun begin!

Originally posted 2023-11-13 07:51:49.